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Education Sector


We do contract catering for public and private schools, residences as well as for colleges, technicons and universities. We also cater for special events at these academic institutions – such as sports days, prize-giving events, cultural events, functions and meetings. To encourage interaction and create excitement, we regularly run competitions and promotional programmes with prizes at these institutions.


Feedem offers professional, cost-effective food solutions to this dynamic sector across the country. The corporate world is diverse, hence this sector has high expectations in terms of deliverables from outsourced caterers. Our menus are designed to offer variation combined with added nutritional value. Our coffee bars allow employees to take a break from their desks and refuel with a refreshing beverage.


Feedem  manages the inhouse restaurants of companies and corporates all over South Africa. Menus are based on the nutritional needs of the employees, and also take into account budgets, variety, seasonality, dietary preferences, the time constraints of employees and convenience.


We have a large number of long-term contracts with homes for the elderly and care facilities in the retirement sector. The needs of these residents include very specific dietary requirements, sufficient variety and service by compassionate people. Our team that takes care of these contracts include registered dieticians and nutritionists. We consult with the management of these institutions and also obtain regular feedback from the residents themselves to ensure that we continue to serve happy clients.


Feedem is known for its high-quality catering in the industrial and commercial industries. Complex and challenging working conditions often call for special-needs menus, which we are happy to compile in cooperation with our clients in these sectors.


We do site catering for clients throughout South Africa. This includes short-term and long-term catering contracts to provide meals for large numbers of people at venues that are often remote and temporary. Here, we typically cater at construction sites, mining companies, sports events and festivals, to name but a few. To ensure quality and consistency, we will place a full-time manager at the site to manage all aspects of our catering and related services.


  • Executive dining: We cater for the fine-dining needs of corporate executives and their clients. A special food services team is put together for each event.
  • Sport events: We cater for the nutritional needs of sports enthusiasts at various events – from local schools to national events.
  • Film sets, festivals and other events: We are fully equipped to provide catering services to clients at specific locations for a fixed period of time.
  • Conferences: We cater for delegates at venues around the country.
  • Year-end functions: We offer creative catering to turn our clients’ year-end functions into memorable events.
  • Special once-off functions: We cater for special events such as fundraising events, matric farewells and more.


We cater for the special needs of people with disabilities, such as the hearing-impaired and the blind. We also cater for people with special dietary needs, such as patients with diabetics, food intolerances and allergies. We prepare special performance-boosting diets for sports people. For each contract, we will put together a team of experts which includes a registered dietician.


Feedem has a Hospitality Manager who handles our Private Healthcare contracts to provide patients and hospital staff with nourishing meals. The meal plans are co-designed and approved by our inhouse registered dieticians to ensure nutritional value and to take care of special dietary requirements. Our staff members working on these contracts also undergo additional training to comply with the unique requirements of these healthcare facilities.


We use the same care to design the menus and execute services to patients in public hospitals, but with the public sector we usually have to take into account tighter budgets, larger numbers and other requests.


Our services to the mining industry typically include catering, cleaning, facilities management and the maintenance of gardens, roads and parks to allow management to focus on their core business, free up valuable time, and benefit from economies of scale. Our menus for the actual miners are designed to provide sustainable energy for heavy physical work.


Feedem also manages high-street restaurants. This includes taking care of the theme, design and layout of the restaurant, designing the menus and wine lists, handling all aspects of producing delicious food, running the kitchen, managing the staff and more. Restaurants managed by us include:

  • Two Oceans Restaurant: Situated at Cape Point in the Good Hope section of the Table Mountain National Park, this restaurant seats some 380 guests. Offering spectacular views over False Bay, this upmarket restaurant is visited by locals and foreign tourists. The menu includes authentic South African dishes like bobotie and various seafood dishes. Find more information at
  • Cango Caves Restaurant: Hidden in the Swartberg Mountains outside Oudtshoorn, the world-renowned Cango Caves are a must-see for tourists and locals alike. The Cango Caves Restaurant offers superb dining and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Find more information at